Well-child care

From birth through age 21, we follow the American Academy of Pediatrics’ recommendations for well child care. From growth and developmental monitoring, to evaluations for specific parent concerns, these visits are an important part of a healthy childhood. We perform yearly vision and hearing evaluations and follow the CDC’s vaccination schedule. We also provide counseling and anticipatory guidance that is in line with the AAP’s Bright Futures program.

Vision screening for infants: Lovelight is proud to offer vision testing in children aged 1-5 years old using photoscreening. Photoscreening is an emerging technology which allows for the detection of visual impairment in those who are too young to be tested using a vision chart. Vision impairment is the #1 disabling childhood condition in the United States, and can lead to blindness and learning disabilities. If detected early, it is almost always treatable. We believe that every child has a right to early screening and and detection. We perform vision photoscreening yearly at the appropriate well child visits. Please feel free to ask more about this service!

On-site lead and hemoglobin collection: The state of Maryland requires that all 1- and 2-year-olds be tested for both anemia and lead poisoning. These tests are important, and often deferred or delayed by families when a blood draw is necessary. At Lovelight, we use a fingerstick collection technique, which is tolerated extremely well by infants. If you have further questions about this service, just ask!